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Dear Professional Driver;
We will keep you informed and will tell you everything you need to know about the Driver Certificate in Professional Competence (Driver CPC);
the periodic training, the initial qualification, the vocational training, the syllabus and the Drivers' hours and digital or antilog tachograph's'.

We will tell you how to get your Driver CPC and how to keep it, the annual training, standards and regulations, information about driving safely, driver hours and applying for your tachograph card and more.

We will keep you inform of any changes in the law, rules and regulations, news on vehicles and keep you up to date on the latest technologies.

Driver Training Courses;
Driver CPC Periodic Training Course - Driver CPC Initial Qualification Course - Drivers' Hours and Tachograph Course - ADR Initial & Refresher Training - Hazardous Awareness Course - Manual Handling - Forklift Training Courses - Training for Digital Tacho Products

Management Training Courses;
Management CPC Training Courses - Management CPC Refresher Courses - Digital Tachograph Training for Managers - Train the Trainer - Drivers Hours Law & Tachograph - Tachograph Analysis Software Training - Tachograph Analysis Training

Tachograph Products Shop;
Digital Tacho Software - Digital and Analogue Tachograph Stationery - Digital Tachograph Training Aids and Equipment - Download Devices - Tachograph Charts - Driver Kits - Vehicle Equipment

Digital Tachograph Analysis Bureaux - Digital Tachograph Download Service - Digital Tachograph Management and Driver Training

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CPC Driver Coures Ltd
Get Professional, Stay Professional
Get Professional

with "the initial qualification"

To become a driver and successfully gain the Driver CPC a new driver must pass the following;

The CPC theory tests;
The new Driver CPC theory tests are part of the new Driver CPC process, which is mandatory for all new professional drivers.

test part 1 - 100 multiple choice question (61 correct answers needed to pass)

Theory test part 2 - 3 case studies are short scenarios that describe various situations a driver might face. There are 15 questions in each case study (45 in total). To pass, you must correctly answer 28 of the 45 questions - a minimum of 5 questions on each case study.

The CPC practical driving tests;
This test is conducted in the driving test centre and is usually taken directly after the driving test. A vehicle is required for this session.

Practical driving test part 1 - 90 minutes driving test
Practical driving test part 2 - 30 minutes practical test on the vehicle covering items like;

safety, passenger comfort , legal matters relating to driving, vehicle loading and stability, ability to deal with an emergency, physical risks involved in driving
Stay Professional

with "Driver CPC periodic training"

As part of the Driver CPC qualification, both existing and new professional drivers of buses and trucks must undergo 35 hours of specialised training over a five-year time span (one Driver CPC Periodic training for 7hrs per year)

Course content
There are six training modules in total, each lasting seven hours, with additional reading material to cover specific areas.

Module 1; Control of the vehicle and eco-driving techniques

Module 2
; Minimising risks and managing emergencies in the transport industry

Module 3
; Health and safety for the professional driver

Module 4
; Role of the professional driver in the transport industry

Module 5; The professional truck driver

Module 6
; The professional bus driver

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